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Time has no patience

Everything flies with an astounding speed : websites in front of our eyes, SMS from one side of the world to another, cars, planes ... and life . And we don't even realize it until it's too late and time has already flew.
One of the most relevant images regarding the ...

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“I am good, but no one sees me”

It's frustrating to be good and no one is interested of it, you think you can provide something and no one needs it, you can contribute to a business or a company success and nobody notice you.   About 15 years ago , the former footballer at Rapid Bucharest, Robert Nita, launched ...

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Everyone wants its own rules


The context where are rules, allows a proper development of any activity, without stress, without damages, and without nerves stretched to the maximum
Although we want more than ever to live our lives according to the disposal of the moment, there is no progress and we can't live efficiently in society ...

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eProdu news

Stay up to date with the latest news in production domain! is a modern tool dedicated to all those interested to search producers for their idea
          Just three months after entering the online space Platform reached 5514 enrolled producers. The intelligent platform of production receives high marks after the launch.
          Various specialists in IT,SEO, WEB DESIGN and in Business domain are fascinated by this spectacular evolution upon which stood a strong and devoted team, reliable partners, clients and producers preoccupied by their success in business.
          Also, advertising offered by the enjoys the appreciations of great brands in business on national and international market.
          Following the suggestions provided by users, the intelligent platform supports producers who are looking for both skilled and unskilled labor, but also to support those who are looking for ...

News fabricated in Silicon Valley from Romania: How wants a man from Cluj to bring investors in the country

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