The present is characterized by a massive transfer of services in the digital area. To sustain the presence in this area of production activities and related services we have created In this transactional area, persons or economic entities that produce or process parts, scientific and artistic values can offer materials and services to the ones who need them.  

      In addition to the traditional market mechanisms, the platform offers to its users a database with  production information, related products and services and also business opportunities. The platform has a segment support sustained by professional services and consulting activities in the technical and industrial area, marketing and communication, advertising and promotion, entrepreneurship etc.

Eprodu is a platform:
• Simple and intuitive bringing together partners (clients and producers ) worldwide  
• Restriction to the extent of 80% to cover the needs of customers and producers
•  Tutorial "step by step" (text, examples, video)
• Web or phone support in the user's language
• Connections: regional, national, continental, global
• Promotion engine and multidirectional development: production areas, client, producers, regional communities, national etc.

     The multilingual platform is created with the purpose to bring face to face the inquiry and the production offer; the platform is an interface between different geographical areas but is a common space intended to realize any kind of projects.
It holds a generous portfolio of clients that activates in the following areas of production:
• Metal: construction, design , heat treatment etc.
• Wood : mining , processing, design etc .;
• Stone: mining , sorting , processing stone and ceramic design ;
• Leather: getting raw leather , preliminary processing and tanning , painting, design , cleaning, etc.
• Glass: obtaining various products (glass, glass wool, fiberglass) , processing , decoration, design , etc.
• Plastics and Composites : Mechanical , plastic injection design, 3D printing n.c.a
• Electric / Electronic : electrical cabinets , electrical equipment of low, medium and high tension, production of electronic components
• Textiles : phylacteries , weavers , textile waste processing(sweepings) etc.
• IT & Audio / Video: companies developing , testing, web design , audio / video and other sites gadget-
• Other production services : offers of consumables for machines  , promotion of  new technologies, info conferences, profile fairs and exhibitions , technical support etc. 

    The experience in the production area, makes more than a static platform on the internet, it is a dynamic platform which offers the possibility of an easy and friendly meeting of offer and inquiry, and different commercial services, promotion, advertising and consulting. The principle followed by the producer, client and thirds is: WIN-WIN!

The platform is the ideal place to meet your business partner! - PRODUCE THE FUTURE!